Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An American in Paris Blog post #3

Eating breakfast the other morning, or at least attempting to eat breakfast, the importance of understanding the French language became apparent once again. While in the Boulangerie the other day, I decided to pick up some quiche for lunch or breakfast, whatever. We were off work Monday and Tuesday this week and I decided to pick up some Quiche from the Boulangerie for breakfast. Since I don’t how to ask what is in the Quiche, I gave it a thorough look and picked the one that looked the best. Fast-forward to home and I heat the two pieces up in the microwave for breakfast, one for me and one for Amanda. Amanda takes the first bite and her face says it all. She stops chewing. I take a bite and realize what she did just moments before me. I had ordered a fish Quiche, which I generally don’t like and I really don’t like for BREAKFAST! Oh, well, that will teach me to learn how to ask next time.