Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beer is bottled

So, my first all-grain batch is a wrap.  I let it ferment for about a week and checked the gravity.  It was down to 1.012 which was just a little higher than I wanted.  I decided to let it go another week and then some.  I bottle it today and got about 19-liters of finished beer at 1.010 FG.  It tastes quite good, bitter, but not overwhelming.  It has a nice nutty taste and I’m really curious to see how it will carbonate up and taste at refrigerated temps.

Mild Mannered Ale

At some point, I really want to start harvesting yeast.  I pitched a 1.5 liter starter on this beer and it fermented out quite well.  It really is amazing that you start with a single vial of yeast and what you end up with at the end.  The flocculation on this yeast was really great and I was able to rack-off almost all of the beer without sucking up any yeast.  Here is what was left.

Lots of yeast!

I recovered almost 4-cups of yeast from the fermenter that I really hated to pour down the drain.  But, I just don’t have a good way to store it right now.  Hopefully later, I can get a canning setup and start to sterilize some jars and same some yeast from beer to beer to start and lower my costs a bit.  Next report:  How it tastes!

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