Thursday, March 25, 2010

It’s all-grain time!

I am giddy with excitement! Because of this:

Finally, I can grind up all of the grain that I’ve been stockpiling.  The folks at BC Products were nice enough to send me one from all Barley crusher!the way in the USA.  I paid them of course, but they sent me one and it arrived in good shape.  I checked the European distributors here before I ordered from the US and with the exchange rate (crappy, but getting better) it was cheaper to order from the USA and pay for absurd shipping.

Don't put your fingers in here (duh)So, I ran about 1/2 pound of grain through the mill to clean it up and get an oil off the rollers that might be lurking.  I don’t have any feeler gauges, so I just left it at the factory setting.  I guess it looks okay.  Since I’m doing the brew-in-a-bag method described on this blog and other places, I don’t have to worry much about stuck sparges.  So, I guess I don’t really care if the grind is too fine.  But, honestly, it looks about like the other grain I have gotten “pre-ground” from homebrew shops.  Maybe a little too fine?  (Comments?)


I have to tell you though, I really hated “wasting” this 1/2 pound of malt! : )  Looking forward to brewing some nice beers this weekend.  After I bottle this next batch, I’ll have 3-fermenters open and ready for beer.

 Crushed grain

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